We'll Fall Further​.​.​.​At Least Together (Remastered '16)

by Solanas

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Recorded by Oliver Doe in Newcastle, April - May 2014
Mixed and Mastered by Ross Anderson, June 2014


released July 7, 2014

Oliver Doe - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Elliott Dixon - Drums, Vocals

Bass and vocals on "What We Are..." by Tim J Barnes

Recorded by Ollie Doe & Elliott Dixon at a home studio in Newcastle, 2014.
Original mix and master by Ross Dixon.
Tracks 2 and 3 remastered October 2016 by Ollie Doe.



all rights reserved


Solanas Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Ollie - Guitar, Vocals
Elliott - Drums, Vocals
Stef - Bass

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

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Track Name: What We Are // What We Want To Be
I remember the first time you let out in front of me
I swore I'd never let go (I meant it),
I swore I'd always be there (I meant it),
Promised it would all be fine (I kept it),
I've been through worse than this and (I've felt it) -
Knowing what we really are:
Gone with the passing, gone with the passing hour.
Come brightly burning. Come, brightly burning fire.
It's no mistake.
I'll live in secrecy before I admit
It's no mistake.


As the curtain...as the curtain falls again:
One more night in the firing line.
I can't speak lest I fall apart again.
This façade is wearing thin.
Separate identity from me.
Segregate feeling from reality.
Media - take my heart, make me feel wrong to be
Equal eyes, stubborn mind, shameful of integrity.
The hollow me for me to see.
Track Name: The Weeping, Wailing and Smashing Of Glass
I see superstition in the eyes of hopeful masses
Lit up by alcohol and smoke,
Reflecting on stainless steel,
Begging for sleep in crowded gutters with mentholated breaths from torn-tight throats;
We fear the worst.
Writhing in off beat rhythms
Neutral, empty thought - no face, no name
Tearing at the ghosts between our bed sheets
In sleepless nights with breathless sighs
Screaming hate fuel, nature's new semantics
To the aching realisation of solitude
We fear the worst.
There's no hope now
We broke our vows,
There's no hope left
We've made our peace
Existing amongst
The weeping, wailing and the smashing of glass.
Hell is here.
Track Name: Grasping At Ghosts
I'll make a home behind bones in my chest,
Tear out my lungs and settle down by my heart.
Nothing I can explain, grasping at ghosts again;
Fall from such great heights,
So many miles apart but you mean everything;
Fall from such great heights.
No more tragedy than part of history.
Where can we play our parts? Why do we fall apart?
When did we lose our hearts? Why do we fall from...
Such Great Heights (Fall from)
Such Great Heights (We'll fall from)
Such Great Heights (To fall from)
Such Great Heights (We fell from)
And we'll fall further.....at least together.